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D28 Clamps
1. Screw Clamp 180°, enables fast, powerful and exact clamping with a variety of welding elements. Achieve maximum efficiency through time-saving, quick adjustments and effortless disassembly. 
2. Swing Clamp 45°It can be used at an angle of 45°. The horizontal round tube with a length of 200 mm is fully adjustable and creates, combined with the swiveling arbor, a variable clamping range. The length of the vertical pipe is 250 mm. 
3. Swing Clamp 90°, enables precise and powerful clamping of components at a 90° angle relative to the system bore holes. The clamp can be smoothly rotated by 360°, therefore allowing free positioning.
4. Compensating swing clamp with spindle with vertical clamp ensures quick and effortless clamping. Maximum clamping stability is achieved as a result of vertical clamping from above. 

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